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HANetf: providing a platform for innovation

Established by Hector McNeil and Nik Bienkowski in 2017 as a full services “white-label” issuer for asset managers wanting to enter the European ETF market, HANetf provides product development, operational services and regulatory expertise, capital markets, as well as distribution and marketing capabilities.

This one-stop-shop approach helps international asset managers bring new products to market in as little as ten weeks.

Efficient access to the European ETF market

"We wanted to build the first multi-manager ETF platform and provide an efficient way for traditional European asset managers, US and global managers to access the European ETF market,” says co-founder and CEO Hector McNeil.

“There are many asset managers who want to work in the ETF market and have got great content, experience and knowledge but who did not have the necessary ETF capabilities or economies of scale,” says McNeil. Since launching its first ETF, the firm has had more than 800 enquiries from US and other asset managers around the world.

Hector McNeil
CEO & Founder, HANetf

More than £2bn in assets

Already HANetf has more than £2bn in assets and a rapidly growing range of more than 20 ETPs listed on the London Stock Exchange.

This includes a physical gold price tracker launched in partnership with the Royal Mint and many innovative offerings for the European market - such as Europe’s first ETFs for medical cannabis, cloud technology, pure-play solar energy, and space-related activities. Several – such as the recently launched Global Jets UCITS ETF – have US-listed, sister ETFs. The firm has also launched the world’s first sharia-compliant actively managed global equity ETF.

Reasons for listing in London first

"We always start by listing our products in dollars and sterling on the London Stock Exchange as the mechanics of the London market are excellent and London provides the advantage of listing in multi-currencies,”

“Investors around the world are connected to, and will trade in, London because it is such a global exchange. By listing in London asset managers can access both UK and international investors." And, McNeil adds, the wider ecosystem in London - such as market makers, professional advisers and financial media - provides important support.

Continuing growth of ETFs

HANetf will continue to grow apace, McNeil says. The goal is to create a full ‘periodic table’ of ETPs across ESG, thematics, smart beta, active and niche strategies. He doesn’t see HANetf as a “cheap beta – me too” provider.

Innovation will abound. McNeil points to their recently launched Clean Energy ETF which is run by a Canadian asset manager and in which HANetf invests in carbon offset projects to offset the carbon footprint of the portfolio. It is the first carbon neutral ETF globally.

A veteran of nearly 20 years in the ETF market, McNeil is clear in his view that ETFs represent the future of investing.

“When I started in this industry, the global ETF market was $300bn of assets and the European market was about $30bn. Today the market is worth $9trn and there are forecasts that by 2030 the global ETF market will account for $50trn of assets,” he says.

“This is the most dynamic part of the financial services industry and it is growing because ETFs are accessible, transparent and democratic," he concludes.

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