The green economy – a new growth market

When investors think of ‘green’, often their first thought is renewable energy and clean technologies such as electric cars. But the green economy is extremely diverse. It is made up of companies and investment vehicles of all sizes, in all geographies and almost every industry.

But without a specific industrial classification, it can be challenging for investors to identify an investible universe of ‘green’ equities and for issuers to highlight their sustainable businesses to investors.

That’s why London Stock Exchange developed the Green Economy Mark.

Our Green Economy Mark provides clarity

London Stock Exchange’s Green Economy Mark was created to help investors and issuers address the narrow view of green equities and facilitate investment.

It identifies listed companies and funds that generate over 50% of their total annual revenues from products and services across all industries that contribute to the global Green Economy.

For the first time, investors can see beyond the ‘pure play’ green companies, to those that have growing business activity in this area. Consider the ways this could benefit your company...

Features of the Green Economy Mark
  • Accessibility: The Mark is available to qualifying equity issuers (both companies and listed funds) on London’s Main Market and AIM.
  • Visibility: It improves the visibility of companies and funds that are making a material contribution to the green economy.
  • Community: Be part of a cohort of Green Economy Mark companies and funds invited to dedicated events, and collectively supported by our green economy experts.
Benefits of the Mark to issuers
  • Existing Issuers: Raise your profile among Green Sector investors, as an added-value benefit included within your current listing fees (in addition to all current listing benefits).
  • New Issuers: Gain additional profile at IPO as a new Green Economy issuer – to broaden and diversify your investor base.
  • All Issuers: Facilitates compliance by issuers and investors with regional green taxonomies and the disclosure requirements of ESG data providers such as FTSE Russell.

London’s Green Economy in focus

Green Economy Mark companies and funds are listed on London Stock Exchange
Aggregate market capitalisation of Green Economy Mark companies and funds
Total annual revenue from green activities in order to qualify for the Green Economy Mark

Green Revenues
Classification System

Sectors, subsectors and micro sectors

  • Multiple sub sector allocation
  • No minimum revenue threshold

Qualifying for the Green Economy Mark

The Green Economy Mark can be given to equity issuers on London Stock Exchange’s Main Market or AIM, in any segment.

You do not need to be a ‘pure play’ green company in order to obtain a Green Economy Mark – but you must generate material revenue from green activities (50%+).

Your company or fund can qualify for our Green Economy Mark in a number of ways:

  • If you are covered by FTSE Russell’s Green Revenues data model, with green revenues exceeding 50% of annual revenue.
  • If you disclose revenues aligned with FTSE Russell’s Green Revenues Taxonomy that in aggregate represent 50% or more of your total annual revenue in your audited financial accounts.
  • If you are included in the FTSE Environmental Technology Index Series.
  • If your listed fund can demonstrate to the satisfaction of London Stock Exchange that the fund’s activities are aligned with the FTSE Russell Green Revenues Taxonomy.

For more information on how to apply for the Green Economy Mark, submit a contact form request.

Insights from Green Economy Mark issuers

London Stock Exchange has been helping companies and funds raise green finance for years, to support the transition to a sustainable low-carbon economy.

Explore case studies

Your Guide to Green Finance

Learn more about the green economy and sustainable finance opportunities in this helpful guide to ‘Navigating the Green Finance Landscape’.

The guide explains the policy and market context of sustainable finance – and how London’s issuers are using green finance tools to support their growth and the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Download the guide

ESG Disclosure Score

A company’s ESG Disclosure Score reflects its levels of transparency and disclosure of the most important Environmental, Social, and Governance data and metrics. It enables companies in all industries to compare their performance with their peer group and best practice.

Companies listed on London Stock Exchange’s Main Market that are part of FTSE Russell’s research universe will receive an annual ESG Disclosure Score via the Issuer Services platform.

Estimate your ESG disclosure score
If your company is currently outside of FTSE Russell’s research scope, you can use this quick online assessment tool to estimate your ESG Disclosure Score.

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