List green, sustainability and social bonds in London

London Stock Exchange’s dedicated Sustainable Bond Market champions innovative issuers in sustainable finance – and improves access, flexibility and transparency for investors.

We were the world’s first major exchange to establish a dedicated Green Bond Segment. Now, as the need for investors and companies to manage climate risks and foster change becomes ever more important, our expanded Sustainable Bond Market offers a wide range of opportunities for green, sustainability, social and issuer-level classified bonds (via green revenue eligibility or sustainability-linked instruments).

Why choose London’s Sustainable Bond Market

Breadth of offering
London’s SBM covers a full suite of asset classes and instrument types, ranging from plain vanilla bonds to more complex instruments such as asset-backed securities. Combined with expertise across London Stock Exchange Group in primary markets, secondary markets, data and post-trade services, SBM helps deliver the broadest sustainable finance platform to issuers and investors.
World-class peer group
Display your bonds alongside high-profile international issuances on SBM from supranationals, local governments and municipalities, as well as corporates. Many bonds on SBM have been world-firsts in terms of currency, geography and structure – including the first certified green bonds out of China, India, the Middle East, and North Africa, and first sovereign bonds from Asia Pacific and the Americas.
International investor base
SBM provides access to markets representing the largest, most sophisticated and long-term oriented investor base for sustainable finance, offering a uniquely deep pool of international liquidity. London Stock Exchange remains committed to active engagement with investors in order to support our markets with innovation and effective policies.
Enhanced visibility and robust standards
Securities admitted to SBM are subject to robust standards, to enhance investor confidence in the level of disclosure related to their sustainability frameworks and reporting. SBM offers issuers the opportunity to display key documents such as external reviews, sustainability frameworks and annual sustainability reports on their dedicated profiles. Commitment to annual reporting is required.
SBM offers dedicated segments for green, social, sustainability and issuer-level classified bonds (including both green revenues eligible and sustainability-linked instruments). Bonds on SBM can be admitted to London Stock Exchange’s Main Market and International Securities Market (ISM). We also provide a range of secondary market trading options, so issuers can offer investors appropriate liquidity and price discovery mechanisms.

London’s sustainable debt finance credentials

Bonds admitted to London’s Sustainable Bond Market
Total money raised from securities admitted to London’s Sustainable Bond Market
Companies from around the world issuing green, social and sustainability bonds in London

Internationally recognised

Part of the United Nation’s Sustainable Stock Exchange initiative (UNSSE)

Global innovation

Home to the first-ever certified green bonds from China, India, the Middle East, North Africa, and Chile

Unrivalled experience

London Stock Exchange has led the way, helping define sustainable finance since 2015

Sustainable Bond Market Structure

Sustainable Bond Market

Issuer-level Classification

Bonds by issuers whose core business activity is aligned with the Green Economy. Eligibility determined by specific criteria set by London Stock Exchange.

Certified Use of Proceeds

Independent External review:

Second opinion Third-Party Verification aligned with ICMA Principles or other eligible standards.

Green Revenues

Projects that directly aim to address or migrate a specific social issue and / or seek to achieve positive social outcomes.

Sustainability-Linked Bonds

Forward-looking performance-based bond instruments where the issuer is committing to future improvements in sustainability outcomes within a predefined timeline, in accordance with relevant international standards.


The proceeds will be exclusively applied to finance projects with clear environmental benefits.


The proceeds will be exclusively applied to finance a combination of both Green and Social Projects.


The proceeds will be exclusively applied to finance in part or in full new and/or existing eligible Social Projects.

*Please refer to the SBM Factsheet for detailed technical information.

Why you should list a green, social or sustainability bond

Green, social and sustainability bonds are one of the most visible market-based initiatives in sustainable finance, as well as being a well-established asset class with institutional investors. They have significant potential to transform the economy into one that is more environmentally and socially sustainable, and offer numerous benefits to issuers.

Access a deep pool of capital
Green, social and sustainability bonds are an ideal way for businesses to tap into the huge $100 trillion pool of patient private capital managed by global institutional fixed-income investors.
Send a clear sustainable signal to the market
Issuing a green, social and sustainability bond provides a signal that your business has a meaningful sustainability strategy, has identified the material environmental risks and opportunities that the business faces and is investing to deliver on them.
Build a stronger sustainability dialogue
The extra disclosure required to list a green, social or sustainability bond creates greater levels of dialogue between borrowers and lenders, improving your relationship with investors.
Motivate your people on sustainability
The process of issuing a green, social or sustainability bond can galvanise management and staff around the concept of sustainability and the role of the business in delivering a sustainable future.

How issuers use green, social or sustainability bonds

A wide range of companies and organisations have issued green, social and sustainability bonds with London Stock Exchange, since it became the first major exchange to launch a dedicated green segment in 2015.

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Your Guide to Green Finance

Learn more about the green economy and sustainable finance opportunities in this helpful guide to ‘Navigating the Green Finance Landscape’.

The guide explains the policy and market context of sustainable finance – and how London’s issuers are using green finance tools to support their growth and the transition to a low-carbon economy.

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